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MecenAgora! is a spin-off project from the “Rencontres Musicales Internationales d’Enghien” (RMIE). It aims at encouraging talent in the field of classical music. It does so through grants offered to young musicians. The selected musicians attend the RMIE Master Classes which are organized in August each year.
The team behind MecenAgora is made up of volunteers who enjoy beauty and talent, and
want to share their curiosity for classical music through high quality events. MecenAgora’s members make this project a success since 2006: a place where curiosity and talent meet.

MecenAgora! supports conservatoire students through scholarships. These scholarships allow the young artist to take part to master classes held in Belgium the last two weeks of August at the International Musical Encounters of Enghien. The artist then participates in two concerts: one during the Master Classes, and a second one usually in winter. The originality of the concept lies in the fact that our “Mecenes” have a unique occasion to follow an artist through didactical concerts.

Discover Classical Music

One of the key objectives of this association is to discover classical music from a different, interactive point of view and to have a grasp of its richness. During the concert, the artist may want to present the historical and cultural context of the music that he/she will play, or explain why he/she chosed it.
Each concert is also a good occasion to discover the artist himself, who most of the time comes from abroad, and who will have been chosen for his/her level of excellence by an international artistic jury appointed by the International Musical Encounters of Enghien association.

Support young high potential musicians

Your participation in this association (by attending to our concert) will provide support to high potential artists to confront themselves to a large audience in Belgium, as well as granting him/her an access to the summer master class of Enghien.

Celebrate talent

Listening to classical music and having fun afterwards are by no means antinomics! All people from the audience are more than welcome after the concert to come, have a beer, chat and meet with the artists… without necessarily making it too serious! Another form of celebration is when one of our “protégés” gets a good ranking at some world famous music contests.


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